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Dire Haven Dire Haven

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Loved it =)

Awesome game, its quick, simple, and a great challenge. I love challenging platformers, buti couldnt give this a higher score due to no real storyline to it. The music was kinda lacking as well, it didnt really stick with me.

Also I love how you made one of the characters slightly better than the rest, i wouldnt of beaten one of the ice stages in the extras without it! (but i am not tellin who is better)

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Pandora's Seed Pandora's Seed

Rated 4 / 5 stars


but with quite a bit of flaws.

The good
this game reminds me a lot of Secret of Mana mixed with Zelda, but a bit more Zelda. The fighting style is my favorite type (as apposed to normal rpg turn based) and the graphics are well drawn out. Interesting story line is good enough to keep me motivated. i also liked how simple the level system was with a small amount of things to upgrade.

The bad
There were alot of glitches that i found. the very first one when you are leaveing the little area that the first dungeon is in i got stuck in a tree in the room with one "hero"(more like asshole) and i had to refresh. Once i beat the first dungeon and went on to the cave area things got way worse. from this point on every new enemy introduced in the game blinks as if the animations for them are all screwed up, and it can get very difficult. the little enemys in macabre's boss fight were invisible for 90percent of the time(still beat it though). and another major glitch right when i start the game it is fine but it slowly starts to lag and the animations all move real jerky and laggy. but a refresh easily fixes that. im not sure what it is, but maybe the game is trying to keep too much data? (i dont have much knowledge with programming) and the monsters in the sand area are just all messed up, it looks like they are in a blender and scattering all around the screen and i have no idea where they are so i get hit randomly.

improvements for the next
1. no glitches like the ones mentioned abovve
2. more weapons (bombs boomerangs lances arrows etc.)
3. maybe a puzzle here or there
4. the weapons and armor system seems quite flawed, i found a cave with an anti poison armor ( i assume for beating the boss) and the armors in the later 2 shops dont compare to it(not really complaining too much lol)
5. the shop that opens later in the game should open after a certain boss in the game (i just slept till it opened)
6. i like to have a party (like in secret of mana) although i can see it being difficult to program it
7. i want to enter the damned houses! lol

but still over all great game it would have been a 10/10 if the glitches didn't bother me so much. keep up the great work =D im looking forward to beating this and seeing the next

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Fly of FireFly Fly of FireFly

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Artfully done

This is a rather beautiful game and the art and music seemed to be a perfect fit for each other. the game was fun but i feel it could have been made better, and when you scroll to the sides too far it you can see an outline of the picture wich doesnt seem to pretty. the game gets kinda boring after a few levels for me, you should make the background scroll down so it looks like he is flying up wards or make one so he scrolls sideways. but it would be nice if it felt like i was going somewhere lol =D but over all great game!

Asterozorb Asterozorb

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

really cool concept

i thought this game was fun to play and had a cool concept, but it got kinda borign over time to me, but i really don't play games like this. but i think a change of scenery over time, and maybe a goal would be cool. but for what it is, it is still pretty cool.

Ambivelant Ambivelant

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This is the first The Games Facroty 2 game that i actually felt like playing through to the finish. but i do have a few problems, the characters movement felt too icy, so it was difficult to land on some of the platforms. It should have more levels, and a little moreof astory to it. I also think that making the plaorms look like clouds would be a good idea. but keep up the good work =D

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SineRider responds:

you know I had that cloud idea in my mind, but I'm such a bad pixel artist, I didn't know how to make one. i'll have to try that for my next game

Thanks for the review :)

Gray - Physics Engine Gray - Physics Engine

Rated 4 / 5 stars

can't wait

this looks like it is going to be and excellent game. the only thing i changed was the lefft and right to 5. i felt as if the whole game was on ice at 8. but everything else seemed to be at the right spot. i tried changing friction and it stuck my character into an infinite running sprite. but all in all, this looks like it will be an excellent game that i cant wait to play.

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TBearify responds:

Just tried out changing the maxleft and maxright values to 5, and I think I might go with that :) Though I might tweak the friction a bit to increase the speed. Thanks man!

Touching Song Touching Song

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


it was well put together, but it didnt really move me, or make me want to play it over and over. i like that you made power ups, and had a good scoring system, bt i didnt feel like the stars went with the music to well, they just seemed to randomly explode. a dynamic background or somthing would make this alot better, and having the stars move in various ways other than just explosions would make it alot better.

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Asteroids Reinvented Asteroids Reinvented

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Its good

but it could be alot better, the item drops fromn the asteroids should continue in the direction the asteroid was going, not fall, that kinda implies gravity in space, where there is none. and the handling of the ship is a little tough to control and it had me ramming into alot of the asteroids. other than that it was pretty fun.

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spawnfestis responds:

Thank you for the constructive criticism :)

(im)possible Tic Tac Toe (im)possible Tic Tac Toe

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

beat it

it was a decent game, but not really much to it, need music, and it has pretty close to no replay value once you beat it. though if you wanted to train yourself to be really goodd at tic tac toe this would be a good trainer, lol

Final Platform V0.1 Final Platform V0.1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


it needs alot of work still, the music and movement is nice, the graphics would be nice but there are some flaws in them, and level 3 is unpassable cause of this line in it and it stops me from moving and wont let me through no matter how hard i hit space, it looks like it will be a good game when you are done, but as of right now it still needs a lot more work. you should make the tutorial just one level instead of really short levels.

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